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Financing Your Start Up Business

Sail your business smoothly with a candid finance strategy

Financing a small business has been a headache for the small business owners and aspirants who find it tough to arrange hard and ready cash for running their small-sized businesses through traditional as well as non-traditional ways such as borrowing funds, selling ownership interests, debt financing and equity financing. To start a new small business, purchase an existing small business or run an existing business, aspiring or current business owners need timely and adequate finance. Availability of money and financial advice are crucial to finance current or future business activities. Nothing but the lack of finance is responsible for forcing small businesses to face financing and funding crisis.

It is said that about 80% of small businesses fail in the first year and only about half of survivors of the first year take their businesses to next five years. When it comes to finding the major reasons that put an end to the life of small businesses, managerial incompetence and poor financial management emerge as the main culprits. That is why business startups need to be more cautious while selecting a perfect financial plan.

Finance consultants, who solve the query of funding small businesses, create top-notch management and financial strategies for the small businesses so that they can get timely and custom financial help to run their business operations smoothly and uninterruptedly. These consultants draft strategic, tactical and operational goals and plans for new as well as existing small business.

When small business owners take consultancy services of professional financial consultants, they become in a position of overcoming their finance problems associated with:

  • Management of cash flow and working capital
  • Creation of financial plans and their implementation
  • Financial analysis
  • Formulation of timely business plans
  • Forecast of financial plans
  • Financial statements
  • Account receivable and payable
  • Reporting, modeling and forecasting of financial issues
  • Management of cash
  • Emergency financial plans

If you are thinking of financing your business or financing your start up, then the valuable and result-oriented financial advice and consultancy from Martco Associates can make a real difference to the solution of your finance needs.