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What we do

A place for Direct Plain Spoken Strategy for the Small

Business Owner


We try to give you as much information and resources as possible.

We realize that there are a lot of small business consulting companies out there.  We want to earn your business by listening to your unique story and helping you find your way to entrepreneurial success.  We look forward to being YOUR small business consultants.

We realize that even after all the research you have done there is still something missing. We can help in our three areas of core competence.

Starting and Growing your Business

We can assist you, after you have done the initial research, as I have indicated previously. If you still feel you want some guidance and coaching, we will be happy to help you…

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Sales & Coaching

Sales coaching is the activity of empowering an individual to learn, grow and improve his or her sales performance…

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Martco Bootstrap Marketing Program

Many of our readers have asked us if we could do more for them than just posting the blog,…

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